DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhat do I do if my Foster child disrespects me all the time and i Worry that my other two Foster kids will follow same Behaviour patterns as they are already starting. I take these kids as my own as I do not have kids of my own.
Amierodien asked 4 years ago

when asked to go to  the shop or to take something to the aunt  down the road  he agrees then all of a sudden he says to me why must i go you cant force me to go. After  asking him several times he then laughs in my face and disrespects me then  I just do the things myself.  When he wants something like money  or takkies and things like that he is the best kid in the world. If you tell him no with reasons why,  he always wants things his way if he dont get his way he throws tantrum .He says things like you are not my mother and i don’t want to live here any more then when we go and speak to the social worker. He tells her that he don’t want to live here anymore and when we get home he writes me love letters about  how he wants to stay and he is sorry. he bullies his brother of 9 take things off him and fights with him for such petty things. If his money is up and brother still has money left he will find a way to make a scene so that his brother can give him something.  If he cant get his way he  will make sure that  he hurts  his brother and tear up something like card or scratch his CD game. the Two year old on the other hand hears and imitates everything they say like leave me alone, shut up its not yours , I don’t like you, he also screams when they fight and he fights when they tease him or he cant get his way.What  do  I do. I have tried many things grounding. then he tells me he is bored and he will try to irritate me its like he knows what is going to make me angry. taking the play station away from him for a while and helps in the begging but fades out real quick. I also tried the silent treatment  no talking no answer. I tell him  …….. I told you what i want from you and what i want you to do if you cannot listen to me and respect me then do what you want to do and believe me he so does what he wants to do and dont even fear that statement. He  has lots of good qualities about him and i certainly make sure that he knows when i am very proud of him. but his behavior just sucks and I am afraid that it will get worse with age and the other two brothers will suffer and imitate the same disrespectful behavoir

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tpcadmintpcadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Dear Client Thank you for your question. It seems we will need to speak to you directly about this problem, kindly email through your contact details to marketing@theparentcentre.org.za Thanking you The Parent Centre

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