DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsMy 4 year old is being bullied What can I do?
Zaidaj asked 4 years ago

My 4 year old is being bullied by a 2 year old at school. What can I do?

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tpcadmintpcadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Zaida, thank you for your question. It is never easy when our children are experiencing difficulties. They are such a part of us that we don’t want to see them get hurt or struggle. You have taken the appropriate measures by listening to your child first. It is very important not to dismiss our children when they share things with us no matter how small. Acknowledge your child’s feelings and listen to what he is saying. In the case of young children who may not have the vocabulary to express themselves you will need to look at any changes in behaviour, like changes in appetite, sleeping patterns, regression in behaviour, complaining about a specific child/ren or not wanting to go to a place they enjoyed going to before. I would suggest that you approach the school and inform them of your concerns. In this way they can manage the situation and also address it with the child concerned and the parents. The child who bullies also needs help. You can also help your child become more assertive by role playing possible confrontational situations with him, this will help him become more confident and also teach him communication skills. Choose common situations for his age, like what he can do if a child takes a toy from him, excludes him from a game, calls him a name, hits him or forces him to do something he does not want to. You can also help him by suggesting other things he could do if he felt unable to defend himself; he can go to the teacher and tell you. It is not always easy for children to say no to their friends, so tell him that when someone wants him to do something he does not want to do or he feels unsure about doing he can say, My mommy or daddy said I must not do that. This makes it much easier for the child to say no. Open communication and also building self esteem in your child is important especially when they are being bullied. Praise your child for his efforts, spend quality time with him (do things together that does not cost money), listen to your child and acknowledge his feelings. Children who have a good self esteem find it much easier to deal with challenges. Sharon Paulus Social Worker, The Parent Centre

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