DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can I get my child to share?
Shuaib asked 4 years ago

My 5-year-old daughter is suddenly refusing to share anything with anyone. She never used to be like this. Is this just a normal phase that she’s going through or should I be worried?

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tpcadmintpcadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Shuaib, thank you for your question. There may be all sorts of reasons for change in behaviour. Most commonly, it is about a new sibling who not only takes up much of mother’s time, but has become mobile and into the older child’s toys and games? It is often easier for us to say ‘give it to the baby’ than to protect the 5-year-old from invasion, thereby giving her the choice to share or not, that which she once enjoyed. Children are naturally generous when it is left up to their spontaneity and it does not feel like a demand. When there is a game set out on the floor it is easier to pick up the baby and take him/her elsewhere. Otherwise, ask the older child if the baby may have some part of it? The Parent Centre

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