The Growing Up Campaign #Child2Youth


Happy #ChildrensDay everyone!

Yesterday marked the official start of The Growing Up Campaign: 16 days of activism following a Child’s Journey from Conception to Adolescence.

This joint awareness campaign hosted by @KidzPositive @CIatUCT @TheParentCentre @PMHPatUCT and @sa_yes

Is an effort to raise awareness for the fundamental building blocks needed to develop, guide and maintain the wellbeing of a healthy child.

All of the organisations involved in GUPcampaign are dedicated to provide services that aims to protect, support, care for and develop parents, care-givers, children and teens to ensure successful growth on the journey to adolescence and beyond.

To support the campaign, follow the link to adopt official Twibbon

Also use official mention and hastag @GUPcampaign #Child2Youth

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