The Five Love Languages

Being and feeling loved is an emotional need that we all have. But we don’t all express and love in the same way. We also differ in what we need to feel loved. Gary Chapman in his books: The “Five Love Languages” and the Five Love Languages of Children” teaches us that there are five primary love languages:

How to discover you or your child’s love language:

1. What makes you/your child feel most loved?

Is it when someone gives you a hug or stands close? (Physical touch)

Is it when someone listens to you or tell you how much they appreciate you? (Words of Affirmation)

Is it when someone spends time with you ? (Quality Time)

Is it when someone brings you a gift or celebrates your birthday with a special gift or has made a gift especially for you ? (Gifts)

Is it when a person helps you with a chore or task or does things for you that they don’t really enjoy but know that you enjoy (Acts of Service)?

2. When are you/your child most hurt?

Is it when others aren’t connecting with you physically ? (Physical Touch)

Is it when others aren’t listening to you/telling you how much they value and appreciate you/are criticizing you? (Words of Affirmation)

Is it when others aren’t spending time with you? (Quality Time)

Is it when someone hasn’t bought you a special gift for your birthday? (Gifts)

Is it when someone hasn’t done something practically for you e.g. hasn’t helped you with the dishes or baked you a cake for a long time (Acts of Service)


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