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Moms Circle Groups are for all Moms-to-be and Moms & babies (up to a year old).  They take place every Tuesday at Mediclinic Cape Town between 10h30 and 12h30 and every Thursday at Mediclinic Constantiaberg between 10am and 12 noon.  Moms are welcome to arrive and/or leave at anytime, the focus is that they relax and attend to their babies (breastfeeding/bottle feeding/winding/changing nappies, etc!), whilst socializing and being informed by the guest speakers.   We encourage Moms to ask for assistance, whenever need be, whether it is to heat up a bottle, food or hold their baby whilst they go to the toilet.  This is the Mom’s ‘guilt-free’ zone and we encourage them to chill and not stress if their baby is fussing or niggly.  There is no need to book.  The cost is R50-00 which includes refreshments.

Guest speakers are arranged each week on a variety of topics, including sleep and routine, introducing solids to babies, nutrition for Moms and topics pertaining to general wellness for both Mom and baby.  We have numerous speakers who volunteer their time generously and willingly, due to The Parent Centre being an NGO/NPO, therefore, we cannot offer to pay the speakers.  It does, however, provide a platform for advertising/marketing their products and/or services.

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning is a great morning with refreshments served to the Moms and much chatting takes place before and after the speakers – this allows the Moms time to meet and socialize with other Moms.  We encourage Moms to swop cell numbers, to meet up during the week, perhaps at the local park, etc.  By encouraging the Moms to socialize with each other, they often compare notes/experiences, share hints and tips with each other as they embark on their new journey of Motherhood.

Whilst listening to the various speakers is an integral part of the morning, it is equally important for Moms to have this opportunity to ‘be out the house’ and socialize with other Moms who are ‘experiencing similar circumstances’ thereby eliminating Moms from feeling isolated and alone, which can lead to anxiety and even depression.

Feedback from some of the Moms who recently attended Tuesday Moms Circle Group and Thursday Moms Circle Group and have consequently returned to work;

“You and Jenny are doing a fabulous job! Thank you so much for creating this ‘happy place’ and for always making everyone feels so welcome and relaxed.”

“I am so pleased to have joined the Mom’s Circle Group on a Thursday morning. Each week I would look forward to the interesting speakers and take away something new; whether it be a goody bag with some baby products or some advice on how to help my baby sleep or eat. I met so many moms in the same position as I was and I was welcomed by the familiar faces each week.  Margaret and Linda make you feel at home offering tea and biscuits while all the babies and mom’s socialize and catch up on their weeks.  I am so pleased that I found an amazing crèche and joined a Top tots class based on the information I learned at the group.  I would encourage all moms to join the group and feel as empowered as I was.  Thanks again for everything!”

“I found becoming a mother a huge change in my life, one that was both joyful and challenging.  The unconditional and non judgmental support I received from the group and from Linda and Jenny from The Parent Centre, made me attend the Tuesday group, despite the terrible Cape winter weather. The speakers were very informative and the other mothers, well, I have made a few “mummy” friends for life!”

Moms Circle Group looks forward to welcoming all Moms-to-be and Moms & babes (up to a year old) at either venue soon – you are assured of a warm welcome!

By Linda Waner – Facilitator

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