Are you pregnant? or just gave birth? Come join our Moms Circle Groups

Becoming a mother brings not only a baby into our lives, but an enormous amount of change. Change can be exciting and wonderful, also daunting and challenging, and it can open unexpected doors. The Moms Circle door is one we’d love you to walk through.

Getting to know our baby, seeing to their every need and finding our way as a mother can be exhilarating, challenging, confusing, natural, difficult, tiring, fulfilling, lonely, sociable, stressful, a joy, and much, much more. Dealing with this is so much easier and more fun if we have other mothers around us going through the same thing and access to information and support when needed.

Moms Circle is a weekly haven for mothers to come to knowing it is a safe, friendly space to relax with other mothers, share experiences, ask questions, make friends and gain useful information from the wide range of speakers.

Sharing the joys and also being able to voice concerns and frustrations is vital and this is the ideal place for it – who better to fully understand than other mothers with babies, pregnant women and experienced moms group facilitators? Just knowing others are feeling the same way, experiencing similar things, saying ‘I do that’, or ‘my baby did that too’, is incredibly reassuring! Tips are shared, phone numbers exchanged and friendships made.

It a time when a fussy baby is welcome, and babies being fed and nappies changed are the norm. Mothers love the warm welcome and look forward to having a cup of tea or coffee made for them – and being able to drink it hot for once!

Robynne said, “I found becoming a mother a huge change in my life, one that was both joyful and challenging.  The unconditional and non judgemental support I received from the group and from from the Moms Circle facilitators, made me attend the group every week, despite the terrible Cape winter weather. The speakers were very informative and the other mothers, well, I have made a few “mummy” friends for life!”

By Jenny Wright

All Mom-to-be and Moms & babies (up to a year old) are warmly invited to attend the Moms Circle groups on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. For more information visit

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