Impact of Technology on Communication

Effects of Technology on Communication

everything has both a positive and negative impact, and the impact of technology on the communication process also comes as mixed baggage. In this article, we would be discussing the impact of popular technological elements like emails, telephones, cell phones, etc., on our means of communication. Mobiles and the Internet are literally the basic necessities these days. A majority of us would feel something missing in life, if there were no mobiles or Internet (Agreed?).

Take the daily routine of a person in this tech-savvy world. The day begins with a “good morning message” on social networking sites and ends with a “goodnight” on the same website. The social networking sites are a world in themselves, like a virtual world! There is the incessant use of mobiles and the Internet for communication, the whole day. To make the process quick and easy, there are modes like emails, teleconferencing, video conferencing, networking sites, etc., among other tools. Mobiles, emails, and social networking sites are the most popular means of communication among the current generation.

Positive Impact

Technology has transformed the once big and far world into a tiny global village. Thanks to technology, we now have the power to communicate with anybody on the other side of the world. The points below summarize these benefits.


Negative Impact

The most prominent negative effect of technology – the charm of the good old world is missing. The letters and lengthy face-to-face conversations have gone away, and have been replaced by texting or chatting. See the below given points for details.


As you can see, the impact is both positive and negative. But logically thinking, technology has bettered the communication process and has done negligible harm. The positive points of the technological advancements cover up the negative points. It all depends on how we use these means; use the technological means of communication for sane purposes, and don’t abuse them for malicious motives.

By Hemangi Harankhedkar

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