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Dear parents, friends and colleagues,

We hope that in the midst of all life’s challenges, you and your families are experiencing many moments of joy and blessings. In last month we commemorated Human Rights Day which reminds us of the tragic Sharpeville massacre on 21 March 1960 as well our South African Constitution which gives equal rights to all. The Parent Centre has, for the past 31 years dedicated itself to promoting the rights of children and parents, through its various positive parenting services and programmes.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Whilst it is regarded by some as a mere profit-making opportunity, it also has social benefit through drawing our attention to the importance of showing love to those we care about – spouses, partners, sweethearts, friends, colleagues – and our children.

We have learnt though that not everybody’s “love tank” is filled in the same way. Each adult and child has a primary love language. Read further below.

Yours in positive parenting,

Venecia Barries


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